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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a vest without a jacket?

As a fashionable garment in their own right, men’s vests can be worn without a suit jacket to create a more sophisticated and casual look. When paired with a well-tailored shirt and men’s trousers, a men’s business vest can offer extra authority and professionalism compared to just wearing a dress shirt on its own. To achieve this coordinated look, your trousers should complement your men’s vest, both in colour and fabric type. Straying too far from well-matched colours can quickly make your outfit look misplaced or messy, rather than sleek and smart.

At the end of the day, a well-fitted and bespoke men’s vest can help you stand out at your next work event, party or race day for all of the right reasons — making this versatile piece a must-have in your closet. If you are looking to explore a different, more casual yet still timeless look, we highly recommend wearing a men’s business vest without a jacket the next time you want to dress to impress.

For assistance with finding or creating a bespoke men’s vest, the expert tailors team at Woolcott St. are here to help. Feel free to contact us today to book a fitting consultation to elevate your everyday style.

How do you wear a men’s business vest casually?

If you are looking to dress down your men’s vest for a more relaxed look, there are plenty of options. Instead of pairing your vest with a custom-tailored suit jacket, layer it over a breezy linen dress shirt. Still offering that air of class and authority, this type of casual styling will not look out of place in less formal settings.

Additionally, if you are still required to wear a suit jacket but the event isn’t overly formal, our collection of smart and casual suits may be the perfect option to pair with your stylish men’s business vest.

Are men’s formal dinner vests in style?

When it comes to classic men’s style, a well-fitted suit is often one of the first things that comes to mind. As part of this timeless look, formal vests for men play an important role in adding the finishing touches to your sleek and well-fitted suit. One of the most essential suit accessories, a properly tailored suit vest can help tie your outfit together — providing some much-needed cohesion between your trousers and suit jacket. Great for wearing by itself should you need to remove your suit jacket, you can rest assured that a bespoke men’s vest is a valuable investment that will complete any look.

Should I own a tailored men’s vest for formal occasions?

As the perfect option for your next formal event, a well-tailored men’s vest can add a layer of sophistication to any outfit. While some men may think that they can only buy dress clothing off of the rack, choosing to invest in a bespoke and properly tailored men’s vest and suit is one of the best ways to look your best. As part of our unique process at Woolcott St., we provide a world-class experience with every garment we create. From at-home or in-office fittings and tailoring to flexible in-person or virtual appointment options, we make it easy to own a quality tailored suit.

To get started, simply book a consultation with our team. We will discuss the crafting and delivering timeline, your specific measurements, estimated budget and overall design with you, ensuring the final men’s vest will embrace the stylish look you desire. Whether you are able to come to visit us at our office or you choose to meet our team of tailors virtually, we will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy a premium and unforgettable experience.

What accessories can I pair with a men’s formal vest?

Depending on the event you are attending, there are a variety of accessories that you can pair with your men’s vest and suit. Adding some extra dimension, contrast and intrigue to your outfit, even the smallest of details can have a huge impact on the overall image you portray. For example, small pieces like an intricate tie clip or a well-matched belt can help to blend your entire look, so it’s streamlined and cohesive. If you are planning on wearing a suit jacket with your vest, a pop of colour from a pocket square that complements the colour of your vest can help to draw eyes. With endless opportunities to personalise and customise your look, you can truly explore your creativity when it comes to finding suit accessories that work well with any men’s business vest.

Where can I buy high-quality custom vests for men?

Founded by two young men, Woolcott St. is Australia’s leading provider of luxury and custom men’s formalwear. Offering bespoke pieces tailored specifically to your measurements, a Woolcott St. suit and men’s vest will always make you look smart, sophisticated and professional.

Only working with well-trusted and respected fabric merchants from around the world, the textiles we use to create your custom pieces are always of the highest quality. We strongly believe that looking your best is one of the easiest ways to build strategic and successful relationships — and there is no better way to present yourself to others than by wearing bespoke menswear that fits you like a glove.

To learn more about our unique process or ask us any other questions you might have, feel free to give us a call on 02 8018 8426 or send us an email at