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We could talk about the fact we work with the oldest and finest cloth merchants in the world
we work predominantly with the most esteemed Italian and English major cloth fashion houses. Cloths which are renowned for their supreme quality, which is why they are also used by many well-known tailors on London’s famous Savile Row, but would you really care?

We could talk about the key to the value of our range is our strategic relationships
we saw a discrepancy in the market, a gap between what people are paying and what they receive and the service behind it all. We wanted to close the gap between price and quality and help people get what they really want, not just what they can afford, but would you really care?

We could talk about how our clients benefit from superior prices on garments
made with luxurious cloth and attentive handwork, down to the last detail; achieving the pinnacle of tailoring through our artisan’s combined expertise passed down through their generations.

but if that isn’t your thing…
you can expect the highest levels of personal service, coupled with a beautiful finished product that will result in us working together throughout your career. If you are time poor, dislike shopping, or you value the best quality garments you will find this is the only way to take care of your business, formal and casual wardrobe needs.

Maybe you don’t care about any of that
but we are sure you care about being well dressed, enjoying the process, whilst being in the company of people who care about you and treat you like family, not just a customer. We are sure you would like being taken care of to a level that seems a lost art today.


We may not be your traditional tailors but we care about our clients. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you and we’ll work hard to make that happen.


Welcome to the Woolcott St family.