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We work with men from a variety of industries, therefore no suit is the same as no mans body or taste is the same. Much like a sommelier, we plan and advise fabrics that suit your body, needs and lifestyle.

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If you are time-poor or have a particular dislike for shopping, we will come to your house, office or other Sydney location for your convenience. Our goal is to make sure you enjoy your fitting as much as we do.

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Nothing says “professional” quite like a bespoke tailored business suit. Our point of difference is that we take your personal style, tastes and even your lifestyle into account when designing and constructing.

A staple of any fashion-conscious men’s wardrobe, chino pants are effortlessly stylish and suave. With the right pair of chinos for men, you can create just about any look you want. They’re the ultimate pair of pants — more formal than jeans, more casual than suit pants, while still being perfect for any occasion that you’d either of those styles for. Their cotton fabric also allows you to stay cool and comfortable, making them a summer must-have.

Here at Woolcott St, we specialise in creating chino pants for men that will fit you perfectly, and provide you with the comfort you need for just about any occasion. We can consult with you to create the perfect pair. With a wide variety of different fabrics and prints for you to choose from, we’ll work with you to create your ideal chinos. Their versatility means you’ll never be short of a great look, no matter the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are chino pants?

Chino pants are trousers made from twill fabric. The fabric itself originated in China, and the style was originally popularised by Spanish-American war veterans, who wore them during their service in the Philippines. After wearing them as part of their military apparel, many soldiers found them so comfortable that they wanted to continue wearing them once they returned to civilian life.

These veterans are also the source of their distinctive name — the Spanish soldiers knew them as pantalones chinos or “Chinese pants”. In turn, this was shortened to simply “chinos” in English.

In the intervening century or so, chinos have evolved into a staple of men’s casual wear. Their fabric makes them ideal for wearing in just about any weather and climate, while their relatively neutral cut means they can be a complementary feature with just about any outfit.

What shoes should I wear with chinos?

Chino have a chameleon-like penchant for blending in with almost any item of clothing they’re paired with. Roll them up slightly and pair them with leather lace-ups without socks to create a casual, indie vibe. A pair of pointed formal shoes will be perfect for any dressy occasion, whether it’s a day at the races or attending a wedding.

How do I care for chinos?

Chino pants are quite durable, but there are a few steps you can take in order to preserve their lifespan. Like jeans, they don’t need to be washed after every wear; unless they’re dirty or stained, you can usually wash them after about every 5-8 wears.

Make sure you’re using a mild detergent, and wash them on a cool to warm cycle to minimise the risk of shrinkage. Additionally, they should be turned inside out when you’re washing them. This will help minimise dye loss and in turn slow how quickly the colour fades.

We also suggest that they’re hung out to dry after washing, rather than being placed in the dryer. The dryer can cause your chinos to shrink, while also wearing out the fabric much more quickly.

Chinos are also a little more prone to wrinkling than business pants or jeans. Accordingly, it’s usually best to steam or iron them after they’re dry, to ensure they’re looking their crisp, casual best.

What colour chinos should I buy?

Chinos are typically made in fairly neutral tones — the original ones worn by Spanish soldiers were primarily in stone colours, in order to serve as camouflage in the varied terrain of the Philippines. Today, stone, caramel, grey and navy blue are some of the colours most commonly seen on chino pants. Black chinos can also be spotted from time to time, though they’re certainly more rare; a quick glance and you might mistake them for simple business pants, which isn’t always the look that chino wearers are opting for.

It’s good to have a couple of pairs of chinos in these more neutral tones, in order to mix and match across a variety of occasions and styles. However, you shouldn’t feel constrained by them either. Bold, bright colours like powder blue or daring options like burgundy absolutely have their place in the modern chino landscape. Some even choose to opt for funky prints for a special occasion or event. Now, more than ever, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Can chinos be formal?

Given that they originated as military pants, you wouldn’t necessarily assume that they would be considered formal! But chinos have nonetheless become increasingly popular as both a casual and smart casual clothing choice. Today, chinos can be spotted everywhere, from the local pub for an afternoon session all the way through to the racetracks and wedding parties.

Nor do you really need to wear darker chinos for them to be considered “formal” either. Rather, it’s what you pair your chinos for men with that will make all of the difference. A suit shirt and jacket can easily elevate a simple pair of chinos into formalwear. By contrast, opting for a simple linen button-up or t-shirt will lend you a casual yet put-together look that will suit anywhere from an afternoon at the pub to date night.

Where can I find the best buy men’s chino pants?

One of the best places to buy chinos in Sydney is right here at Woolcott St. We’re best-known across the country for our custom-tailored suits, smart casual suits and accessories, but we apply the same level of care and our signature process to every garment we make. So why not get in touch with us today, and help us create the next look for your wardrobe?