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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear trousers to a cocktail party?

Men’s business trousers paired with a well-tailored suit or a semi-formal blazer will adhere to this dress code. Darker suits are the traditional choice, so select black, muted greys, or dusky navies. The colour of your men’s trousers should always complement your jacket as this garment will serve as the statement piece.

In terms of fabrics, look for wool, cotton, moleskin or linen and opt for a crisp button-down shirt. Oxfords, loafers, monkstraps or wholecut shoes are the ideal choices when dressing for a cocktail party. Additionally, if you opt for a lace-up shoe option, then ensuring your socks match your men’s formal dinner trousers will enhance your overall style.

If you’re attending an event in winter, look for slacks in heavier fabrics, or something lighter in weight and colour when the warmer weather hits. When it comes to hems, a short break will make you appear taller, whereas a full break can help you look more proportional. Nevertheless, the fabric should never hang below your ankles, as this can look messy and unkempt.

If you need assistance or styling inspiration for your next cocktail-themed event, the team at Woolcott St., is here to help. Contact us today for a fitting consultation.

How do you wear suit trousers casually?

Contrary to popular belief, tailored men’s trousers can be worn in both casual and formal settings. Whether you’re attending a summer wedding or a relaxed business meeting, men’s trousers can be paired with a crisp white button-down shirt. For cooler winter wear, dress it down by layering your collar with a soft cashmere sweater or a cardigan in a neutral tone. Alternatively, team your casual trousers with a polo shirt and complete the look with a woven belt and shoes in a similar tone.

For an aura of casual sophistication, men’s formal trousers can also be worn with a polo-neck jumper, a denim jacket, a pair of black brogues or leather trainers in white or black. This style effortlessly balances smart and casual, but if you’d like to elevate your attire, you can opt for trousers in dark grey or navy. When it comes to selecting the right men’s formal dinner trousers for laid-back occasions, opt for a slim or straight fit and ensure the fabric you select is textured rather than shiny or suit-like.

How do you measure men’s trousers for the perfect fit?

If your men’s formal dinner trousers are too short at the ankles, too tight on the hips, or too baggy around the legs, it’s nearly impossible to achieve the level of style and sophistication most men desire. Rather than selecting an off-the-rack pair, when you visit Woolcott St., we take and assess your measurements before our expert team of tailors create your bespoke, custom-tailored men’s trousers from scratch.

Whether it be for business purposes, weddings, events, or simply to update your wardrobe with smart casual outfits, we have over 1000 premium fabrics to select from, so you’ll find an ideal hue and material that enhances your carefully curated style. We’ll also analyse what your wardrobe looks like before designing your pants and will suggest accessories, shoes, ties, pocket squares and cufflinks that will elevate your aesthetic.

You can begin the process by jumping online for a virtual consultation where we will talk about measurements, budget and design ideas. If you’re unable to join us in-store, we would be happy to make arrangements to come to your home or office to continue the custom trouser consultation process.

Do black trousers and brown shoes pair well together?

We know that colour combinations can make or break the perfect outfit. While playing it safe ensures seamless style, the old rule that black shoes must be worn with black pants is now outdated. Black formal trousers for men can be paired with brown shoes for a suitably corporate look. However, ensure you select a dark brown hue that you can match with a belt in a similar tone. If you’re attending a formal or semi-formal event, opt for dark brown shoes, a well-tailored black suit made from high-quality fabrics and complete the look with a tie or pocket square.

If you’re an avid chino wearer, you want to select a sophisticated shoe style, like a pair of loafers or monk straps. Of course, what you wear on the top should match the aesthetic of your bottom half. For a sleek and approachable style, gents who feel confident mixing black and brown hues for office wear should try this combination with a suit. Keep your shirt and tie neutral and opt for dark brown leather dress shoes.

For a casual look, opt for jeans, suede boots in a light brown tone and a button-down shirt in a monochromatic colour. Desert or work boots will offer a relaxed appearance, while Chelsea and Derby boots are a sleek and timeless option that every gent should own in his curated wardrobe.

Can you wear trousers to a wedding?

While what you wear will undoubtedly depend on the dress code, if you’re attending a smart casual wedding where a suit isn’t necessary, opt for formal men’s trousers, a button-up shirt and a sleek blazer. You don’t necessarily need a tie, but you can wear loafers if the event is a little more relaxed. It goes without saying that jeans are inappropriate. However, you could still maintain a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic in a pair of chinos. If you select this outfit choice, keep your blazer simple and easygoing, your shirt classic with traditional colours and patterns and opt for lightweight fabrics during summer weddings.