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Frequently Asked Questions

What socks should you wear with a suit?

For a firmly sleek and professional look that aligns with your business style, grey suit socks are a foolproof choice when worn with a suit in a matching shade.

Black men’s suit socks are also an appropriate choice for business settings, especially when paired with grey slacks and sleek shoes. If you take a business-casual approach to your everyday style, you can add a twist and brighten up your stylish suit with turquoise socks or keep it simple and opt for a navy pair —  this deep hue works well with grey slacks.

If you’re wearing a blue suit with socks and brown shoes, there’s room to experiment with what shade of socks you select. Conversely, if your suit is a light blue hue, your socks can be slightly darker than your suit but a lighter colour than your shoes. For example, if you’re sporting a baby blue suit with tan-brown shoes, you can select socks in a medium blue hue. For medium or dark blue suits that are paired with dark brown shoes, opt for black or navy socks for a streamlined and cohesive look. When you want to add a subtle flair to your everyday work attire, you can opt for a pair of red socks that make a sartorial statement or can create an understated contrast with a pair of dark brown men’s suit socks.

If you enjoy a modern twist on classic and timeless suit silhouette, brightly coloured or patterned socks can add a refreshing touch of colour, provided the occasion calls for it. Experiment with chequered designs and patterns, but ensure your pair does not clash with the colour palette of your suit. When wearing patterned socks, the primary colour should match the colour of your suit trousers.

Additionally, as a general rule that most fashion-forward men follow is to avoid white suit socks and coordinate your chosen pair with your pants.

If you’re in doubt or need assistance creating a streamlined ensemble that’s equal parts sleek and sophisticated, the team at Woolcott St Sydney will take the guesswork out of curating your everyday wardrobe. Not only do we offer custom-tailored suits and custom-designed smart-casual suits, but we can work with you to create a range of looks that will take you from the office to any after-dark event with ease.

From selecting the right accessories, cufflinks and ties to creating authentic, unique and bespoke pieces that seamlessly flatter your figure, we’ll take care of it all. To get started and ensure you’re correctly matching your socks with your suits, book a fitting today or organise a virtual consultation at your earliest convenience. For all other enquiries or to learn more about our processes, get in contact with someone from our customer service team, and we will get back to you shortly.

What material should you choose when selecting men’s suit socks?

For cool-weather occasions, woollen men’s suit socks are a popular choice because of the increased warmth and insulation they offer. For spring and summer months, cotton is ideal, given this material is lightweight, breathable and wicks away moisture. If you’re willing to make an investment in a pair of men’s suit socks, Egyptian cotton is the superior material of choice. There are also silk men’s dress socks — however, this material is more difficult to clean and maintain.

Should you match your suit with your socks?

While some prefer to push the fashion boundaries and experiment with their attire, as a general rule most men follow, do not match your socks with your suit. Instead, your men’s suit socks should generally be a few shades darker than your chosen pair of pants.

Can you wear a suit without socks?

As a rule, the type of shoe you select will dictate whether or not you should wear a suit without socks. The decision to forgo socks will also depend on the time of year, temperature, and the formality of the occasion or event you’re dressing for. If you’re attending a relaxed wedding in the peak of summer and slipping into a pair of loafers or boat shoes, there’s no need to wear socks with this casual ensemble. In contrast, if you’re wearing wingtips, oxfords or more sophisticated dress shoes, you’d need a pair of men’s suit socks to adhere to the formality of this style.

The best way to wear a suit without socks is to ensure your entire ensemble is consistently casual. Only wear a suit without socks when the event you’re attending calls for it — otherwise, you’ll look underdressed and out of place. And as a general rule, do not wear high-cropped trousers without a pair of men’s suit socks.

Should you match your men’s suit socks to your pants or shoes?

As a general rule, you should always coordinate your men’s suit socks with the colour of your suit pants, not your shoes — regardless of whether you’re wearing Derbys, Oxfords or monk straps. Matching socks with your suit will ensure your professional ensemble is streamlined, cohesive and sophisticated. Of course, if you’re dressing monochromatically or wearing all-black, it’s appropriate to wear the same colour socks. But if you’re opting for patterned socks, the primary and most featured colour should complement your suit pants as well.

Should your socks match your shirt?

While there’s no need to match your men’s suit socks with the colour or shade of your shirt, it’s recommended you avoid pairings that clearly clash. For example, brown socks with a black shirt create an unusual contrast that doesn’t necessarily offer an air of sophistication. If you’re unsure how to refine or curate your style, the team at Woolcott St Sydney is here to help.