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Frequently Asked Questions

What do men wear on race day?

Depending on the scale and prestigiousness of the event, the appropriate men’s racewear will vary. However, the most traditional outfit for men at the races is a tailored men’s suit, a collared shirt and smart shoes. On warmer days, however, a men’s race day suit might not be weather-appropriate. A pair of lightweight chinos and a smart shirt will suffice.

If you would like to wear a suit to the races in summer but don’t want to be too hot in a stuffy off-the-rack piece, the team at Woolcott St. is on-hand to create made-to-measure suits that will keep you cool and looking your best all day long.

What should I wear to the races this year?

While the latest trends for women’s and men’s racewear change every season, there are certain classic outfits that never go out of style. For ladies, the races are the perfect occasion to give your favourite dress and heels a spin. And men can never go wrong with a pair of chinos and a collared shirt or a smart-casual suit.

Whatever you decide to wear, keep in mind that the races are usually full-day events and being comfortable is key to enjoying yourself. Having a lightweight men’s suit for the races from Woolcott St will not only ensure you look the part but also that you’ll be cool and comfortable all day long.

What is race day attire?

Depending on the reputation of the race you’re attending, the appropriate race day attire will differ. However, in general, women are expected to wear semi-formal clothing — be it a dress or coordinated suit — while men, similarly, tend to wear smart-casual clothing. Whether you choose to wear chinos and a collared shirt or your favourite Woolcott St. men’s race day suit, dressing for the races tends to be on the more formal side for both men and women.

Can you wear jeans to the races?

At most racetracks in Australia, attendees are not permitted to wear jeans, denim, shorts or untailored trousers. Horse racing events are traditional and, often prestigious events, so finding the right men’s racewear outfit is essential. Traditionally, the gentlemen wear a tailored men’s suit, a collared shirt, and smart shoes. Depending on the event, ladies usually wear semi-formal dresses or two-piece suits with high heels. They may also wear a headpiece.

Is it okay to wear black to the races?

While certain derbies have colour themes, there are no strict rules when it comes to your chosen outfit colour-palette at the races. Due to the fun, open-air nature of these events, most people take the opportunity to wear bright colours and even experiment with floral prints. You’ll see men in pastel pink or printed men’s race day suits and ladies in floral dresses and bright, eccentric hats.

Can I wear chinos to the races?

Yes, most tracks allow men to wear any sort of tailored trousers to the races, including chinos. However, for more prestigious events and for those who really want to make an effort to look their best, many men have a separate race’s suit for these special occasions.

Having your very own custom race day suit made by expert tailors at Woolcott St. is an investment in your comfort and appearance for many years to come. We offer a premium tailoring experience that includes consultations, fittings, styling advice and alterations to perfect the final product. Get in touch with us to book a fitting today.

How much are our race day suits?

Depending on the price of your chosen fabric and the complexity of your envisioned design, the price of race day suits will vary. At Woolcott St., we have various pricing options — starting at $899. However, we are also more than happy to work with you if you have a specific budget in mind.

To chat about the perfect men’s race day suit for you, please don’t hesitate to book an online or in-person consultation with one of our expert tailors today. Having your very own Woolcott St. tailored men’s suit made for the races is an investment in your comfort and appearance that will last for years to come.