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Scheduling an appointment couldn’t be easier. Try our virtual consultation for a online wardrobe assessment, or if you are in a rush simply book a fitting with your details and we’ll be in touch. Both links are at the bottom of the page. Alternatively If you’re a bit old fashioned, just give us a call.


Choose from over 700 certified authentic fabrics, sourced from the world’s leading cloth merchants such as Holland & Sherry, REDA and Dormeuil. We provide a vast array of different micron counts, colours and patterns to suit every gentleman’s unique style preference.


With years of training handed down from international master tailors, we take extensive measurements to ensure we satisfy each client’s needs and wants when it comes to fit and functionality, taking into account your posture, build and unique requirements. This enables us to give you the clothing you desire.


Our garments are bespoke. By combining the traditional expertise of our master tailors and the accuracy of modern technology, we will cut your fabric and construct your garment with you and only you in mind.


We know that every man is different. We are attuned to the nuances of your unique measurements and know how to fit you to your best advantage. We listen carefully in order to give you what you want, not what others think you should have. This enables us to engineer a beautifully finished garment that fits your individual needs.