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Style & Consultation

Whether you are having a classic formal wedding, a laid back & casual wedding or a traditional attire wedding, we have created most things you can imagine.

The Experience

We would love being an integral part of your memorable day. Whether it’s for an individual or a group fitting for all the groomsmen, we tailor the experience… not just the suit.

Fit & Measure

Enjoy a laid-back fitting, where you’ll choose from an endless collection of premium quality fabrics and unique designs, complete with extensive measurements to ensure a perfectly fitted bespoke wedding suit for your special day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics are available for our custom wedding suits?

Woolcott St. has over 1000 fabrics to select from, so when you come to us for a consultation for your wedding suits, we’ll spend time discussing the best choice. Our fabrics come from the world’s leading cloth merchants and come in a range of colours and patterns. During the consultation process, we will discuss the kind of look you’d like to achieve, and which fabrics would work best for the style you’ve chosen. We have a variety of high quality fabrics to choose from such as wool, cashmere, and linen.

How does bespoke wedding suit pricing work?

You can find out more about pricing for our custom wedding suits on our prices page. It’s worth keeping in mind that our prices reflect the creation of a suit from scratch, rather than one that’s simply made to measure, your custom wedding suit will be perfectly tailored to fit your body. During the consultation, we can give you a price based on the choices you make, and this will be inclusive of everything from the design to alterations. Our prices start at just $899 for bespoke wedding suits in Sydney.

Do we offer custom groomsmen suits too?

Yes, we are deeply experienced in creating bespoke wedding suits for both the groom and his groomsmen, as well as fathers of the bride or groom and other men in the wedding party. We offer many different styles of tailoring, so you can either choose to have matching suits with your groomsmen or choose different suits that are well coordinated. We are happy to discuss the kind of suits that would work for your groomsmen, and ensure they fit with the theme and style of the wedding.

How long will it take for my wedding suit to be ready?

As with any aspect of wedding planning, it’s best to start looking for wedding suits for men as soon as you’ve set a date. This is because the process of creating a bespoke suit at Woolcott St. includes two fittings, and we want to ensure we have time to fit these into your schedule. Also, this will allow for any alterations to be made if you have a fluctuation in weight, so we can ensure the suit fits comfortably on the big day.

We understand that not all weddings have a long planning timescale, so if your wedding date is coming very soon, don’t worry. We can offer an express service if needed. Simply contact us and we can discuss your requirements and work out a plan to ensure you get your custom wedding suit on time.

Where can I get my custom wedding suit tailored?

When you visit Woolcott St. for wedding suits in Sydney, we create a bespoke garment from scratch, taking into account your measurements and shape. Our suits aren’t just made to measure, where only the crotch, shoulders, and armholes can be fitted to your body, this is an entire suit made just for you. This means that when your suit arrives, it shouldn’t need further adjustments. However, if any changes are needed, we will cover the cost if it’s within 30 days of delivery, so you won’t have to factor in any additional charges.

Why should I choose a custom wedding suit?

At a wedding, it’s not just the bride’s dress that’s important. People will be focused on what the groom and groomsmen are wearing, and it’ll be captured in your wedding photos, which you’ll display for years to come. That’s why the perfect style and fit are so important. Also, weddings tend to be long, and the best wedding suits for groom and groomsmen are those that are comfortable to wear, which is much easier to achieve when you opt for custom rather than a made-to-measure suit.

When it comes to wedding suits, no two grooms are the same. That’s why it’s worth investing in something custom-made, rather than choosing from a narrow range. We can create a suit that reflects your personality and works perfectly for your wedding, whether you have lavish plans or are planning a relaxed ceremony.

Can you help me choose the right accessories for my suit?

Woolcott St. doesn’t just create custom wedding suits, we also help you style them, and can help you create your complete wedding day look. Our accessories range is designed to perfectly complement our suits, ensuring you get an elegant finish. Ideally, accessories should be stylish and understated, such as a pocket square to match the wedding colours, some classic cufflinks, or the perfect tie to work with your suit. The right shoes are important too and the wrong pair of shoes can spoil your whole look. We will help you pick out the correct colour and style of accessories to work with your suit’s fabric, bringing the entire look together.