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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pocket squares, and what is their purpose?

A pocket square is a piece of cloth cut in a square shape. It fits into the breast pocket of a suit jacket or blazer. Men’s suit pocket squares are an effortless way to add a stylish flair to formal attire by subtly elevating your ensemble with texture, patterns and vibrancy.

What’s the difference between handkerchiefs and pocket squares?

There are considerable differences between handkerchiefs and pocket squares. These include:

  • Use — The pocket square is an additional fashion accessory for display. It sits untouched in a suit jacket’s breast pocket and adds an elegant accent to the complete ensemble by complementing the wearer’s shirt and tie. In contrast, a handkerchief is kept out of sight in an internal suit pocket. It’s a replacement for tissues and is used to wipe your face or hands.
  • Size — Men’s pocket squares are usually small square-cut pieces of cloth that can easily fit into your breast pocket without causing an unnecessary bulge. Handkerchiefs are generally more oversized, allowing more surface area for consistent usage throughout the day.
  • Material — Most men’s pocket squares are made using premium and delicate materials such as silk or satin, giving them a soft, lustrous shine. Handkerchiefs, on the other hand, are usually made with highly absorbable and long-lasting materials like cotton or linen.
  • Thickness — Suit pocket squares are generally thin compared to handkerchiefs. Due to their low functional usage and high aesthetic appeal, they are designed to fit perfectly into any breast pocket in a jacket. Handkerchiefs are designed for long-term durability and are thicker to enable better absorption.
What are the popular pocket square rules?

While there are no hard and fast rules, men’s pocket squares act as a complementing element to a formal outfit. Dress to impress by following these simple instructions so you can achieve an ensemble that radiates sophistication:

  • Choose a suit pocket square that doesn’t match your shirt or tie’s hue but complements it. For example, don’t match your shirt with the same coloured tie and pocket square. Instead, opt for a white shirt, a red tie and a multicoloured or patterned pocket square with red as one of the main hues.
  • Ensure that your complete ensemble is a mix of patterns and flat colours. This creates visual balance and appeal while effortlessly accentuating the colour of your tie and pocket square.
  • Match your suit’s pocket square fold to the occasion. Stick to flat folds, one point or two-point folds for formal events. You can experiment with your fold technique for semi-formal or casual events by opting for more flamboyant pocket square folds, including the puff or scallop folds.
How to fold a pocket square?

There are multiple ways you can fold a men’s pocket square. Depending on the formality of the occasion, you can opt for a fold that is either more conservative or striking. Here are the three most common pocket square folds you can try:

  • Square fold — This is a traditional and formal pocket square folding technique. Start by unfolding the pocket square and laying it flat. Then fold it to the width of your pocket, followed by folding it up from the bottom to form a rectangle that’s the exact width of your pocket. Then tuck the bottom fold of the pocket square into your breast pocket while adjusting the fit to make sure that a smooth strop of the cloth is visible across the top of the pocket.
  • One point fold — This is a relaxed yet business-appropriate pocket square folding technique. Start by unfolding the pocket square and keeping it flat. Fold it diagonally down the middle to make a triangle. At the triangle’s base, fold the doubled-over corner of the pocket square inward on one side. Fold the other corner to a similar size and make sure your folded pocket square is the same width as your suit or jacket’s pocket. The pocket square should look like an envelope with a triangular point sticking out of the top. Slide the design into your pocket and ensure the triangular top is the only visible element.
  • Two-point fold — This is another relaxed yet flamboyant men’s pocket square folding style. Start by unfolding the pocket square and keeping it flat. Fold it directly by angling the fold slightly off-centre. This will result in one corner lying to the left of the other. At the triangle’s base, fold the doubled-over corners inwards, followed by the other side. Make sure each fold is the same size and that the folded pocket square is the same width as your pocket. Tug the folded pocket square down and ensure that the two slightly off-centre triangular points are the only visible parts of the pocket square. You can determine how much space you’d like between the two points based on your personal preference.
Where can I find men’s suit pocket squares in Australia?

If you’re looking to buy men’s pocket squares online, you’ll find a range of sophisticated and vibrant styles at Woolcott St. For expert advice on selecting the right accessories for your suit, you’re more than welcome to drop by our flagship store and chat with our tailoring experts. We would be happy to accommodate all your queries about our suit pocket squares, tailored smart casual suits and other suit accessories. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team of menswear stylists today.

Can I get a virtual consultation at Woolcott St.?

At Woolcott St., we understand that your time is a precious commodity. To streamline and simplify the bespoke tailoring process, we offer online consultations that you can schedule from the comfort of your home. You can start by answering a series of questions online before meeting in person to undergo a measurement assessment.

If you’re interested in visiting our Sydney store for expert guidance on matching your pocket squares with a custom-tailored suit, we’ll be happy to guide you through our process — from understanding your vision and taking your measurements to constructing garments that complement your silhouette.