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The art of dressing well is a craft that demands careful attention to detail. And when it comes to achieving a polished look, nothing quite matches the elegance and sophistication of a well-fitted custom men’s suit. But with a dizzying array of suit styles that can be further customised with various lapel and cuff options, it can be challenging to find the best types of suits for men’s body types.

Whether you’re trying to tap into the latest trends, suiting up for the office, or you’re creating a coordinated look for your wedding party, the same suit can look vastly different from one man to another. To help you navigate the world of men’s fashion, we’ve put together a helpful guide on choosing a men’s suit style for your body type that showcases your best assets and perfectly frames your physique.

The importance of a men’s suit that fits right in all the right places

A suit doesn’t fit just because the buttons of your blazer and pants close — your jacket’s sleeve seam should hit the edge of your shoulder and allow your cuff to fall to your wrist to show a hint of your shirt without it overextending out. Never too small or tight, your suit should conform to your body to highlight your best features and create a streamlined silhouette that pulls in from the waist or makes your shoulders more prominent. 

Paying careful attention to your suit’s fit will ensure you can enjoy effortless wear that looks good on as it feels, offers a complete range of movement and bestows a sense of confidence from the moment you enter the room. From the boardroom to weddings and other formal occasions in between, selecting the most appropriate type of suit for men’s body types will flatter your physique, disguise flaws and align with your aesthetic seamlessly.

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The best suit style for short body types

In any case, a men’s suit that is tailored to complement your frame will give you a body-boosting fit — however, for gentlemen lacking height, choosing the wrong option can quickly overwhelm your body. For most short men, a single-breasted suit is the best option to create a vertical line to help elongate your frame and give you an impression of greater height. 

Opt for a modern cut closely fitted to your body and pair it with a blazer that falls a little shorter past your waist than traditional blazers, shawl or peak lapels and low-rise pants to help you stand out without overcompensating. For best results, choose a solid colour block and avoid heavy patterns and double-breasted suits that will cut you off at your waist.

Suit styles for men with tall frames

If you’re blessed with extra height, it’s important to balance proportions without overcompensating by shortening your build or appearing over-imposing and lanky. Whether you’re simply tall or feature broad shoulders as well, off-the-rack and made-to-measure men’s suits can make it difficult to find a fit that doesn’t leave you looking and feeling boxed in. For elevated wear, a bespoke suit makes all the difference in conforming to your body and showing off your physique where it matters most.

With multiple buttons and a cross-over design to accentuate your abdomen, three-button and double-breasted options are some of the best men’s suit styles for this body type. With extra coverage, you can experiment with your aesthetic by opting for heavy patterns, wide lapels and larger breaks in the pant leg. 

Suit styles that complement men with athletic and muscular frames

From toned physiques to body types blaring a classic inverted triangle or trapezoid frame, men basking in a figure built by muscle are endowed with a silhouette that can easily be styled with different styles of men’s suits. Whether it’s a suit set that conforms to your physique to relaxed fits that elegantly hang off your body and reference carefree dressing of the 1970s, these body types are proportionately balanced, which makes it easy to outfit yourself in anything from a modern and slimline single-breasted suit to bolder styles with boxy cuts.

While most men’s suit styles for this body type work remarkably well, some men may benefit from suit sets with less padding around the shoulders and unlined fabrications to remove bulk from its fit and maintain its breathability for comfortable all-day wear.

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The best type of suit for men with large body types

Whether you feature a fuller frame or broad shoulders or need extra coverage around your lower abdomen, a tailored custom suit delivers a high level of detail that best complements your physique without feeling like you need to hide. With an uninterrupted silhouette, bigger men can utilise pinstripes, peak lapels and colour to elongate and slim their frame for effortless, figure-flattering wear.

The best type of suit for larger body frames is a classic-fit men’s suit. With a wider cut at the waist and chest, it not only allows you to move freely but offers your tailor more fabric to mould your suit to your frame. Double vents shape your blazer to your frame, and a two-button jacket creates a central line to help you look slimmer.

Discover body-framing men’s suits at Woolcott St, perfectly cut to elevate and flatter every physique 

Whether you’re looking for a business suit, a smart-casual suit for everyday wear or a wedding suit, finding one that complements your body can be an intimate experience. At Woolcott St, our tailors visit you at home or the office to measure your body and outfit you in a bespoke men’s suit designed and cut to your body for the perfect effortless wear. 

Our unique process caters to your schedule and allows you to design a men’s suit exclusively made for you. Choose from thousands of premium fabrics and details to give yourself a bold ensemble that stands out from the crowd. Interested in customising your own suit? Get in touch with our team today and discover the difference a custom-made suit can make to upgrade your formal wear.

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