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The pocket square is small but mighty. Over the centuries, this singular square of fabric has had a significant presence in the world of men’s fashion. Throughout history, this accessory has been a mark of refinement and style. Today, its role in elevating a man’s ensemble is undeniable. Mastering how to fold a pocket square can be a skill that sets you apart, adding personality and flair to your attire.

The significance of the pocket square

Originating from ancient civilisations and journeying through time, the pocket square has witnessed countless transformations in men’s fashion. Yet, over the years, it has retained its cult status. No matter the occasion, be it a crucial boardroom presentation or a lavish wedding reception, the addition of a suit with a pocket square can dramatically elevate your outfit. 

A pocket square for suits showcases your attention to detail and sense of elegance — it’s an understated accessory that complements your overall ensemble. 

Essential pocket square styles 

When folded and placed in just the right way, the pocket square becomes the epitome of elegance in a suit ensemble. It’s a small detail that holds great power in defining a gentleman’s attire. 

When it comes to folding pocket squares, there are a lot of different methods, each offering a different statement. Knowing how to fold a pocket square allows you to adapt to any occasion, setting you apart from the crowd. 

Let’s dive deeper into the intricacies of some of the most popular suit pocket square folds.

1. Classic straight fold

The classic straight suit pocket square fold, known for its minimalistic appeal and understated elegance, offers a neat, horizontal line that peeks from the suit pocket. It’s the go-to choice for those who appreciate simplicity combined with grace.

  • Begin with the pocket square fully extended on a flat surface.
  • Fold horizontally to create a rectangle.
  • Adjust the fold’s width to match your suit pocket.
  • Position so that only a straight horizontal line is visible at the top.

2. Puff fold

The puff fold adds a touch of artistry to your attire. Its gentle drape gives a playful yet refined appearance, capturing attention effortlessly.

  • Lay the pocket square flat.
  • Gently grasp the centre and lift.
  • Gather from the base, allowing the square’s edges to naturally drape.
  • Secure the gathered base into the pocket, presenting the “puff” prominently.

3. Three-point fold

With its three distinct peaks, this fold is both sharp and stylish. It provides an intricate look that adds dimension to your suit, ideal for events where you aim to impress.

  • Lay the pocket square in a diamond orientation.
  • Fold the bottom point slightly off-centre.
  • Overlap the left point slightly right of the centre.
  • Fold the right point to the left, crafting the third distinct point.
  • Adjust and neatly tuck into the pocket, making sure the three tips are visible.
poclet 3

4. Presidential fold

Clean and classic, the presidential fold is characterised by its straight edge. Its simplicity makes it a favourite for formal events, offering a polished finish to any suit. 

  • Place the pocket square on a smooth surface.
  • Execute a horizontal fold.
  • Tweak the fold’s width to align with your suit pocket’s dimensions.
  • Carefully position the pocket square within the pocket, ensuring a sleek, straight edge remains visible.

In the vast landscape of men’s fashion, mastering these suit pocket square folds allows for both adaptability and distinction. The right fold can be the defining touch that sets an ensemble apart, making it an expression of individuality and taste.

Choosing the right pocket square

The art of knowing how to fold a pocket square is vital, but the foundation lies in selecting the perfect piece for the occasion. A pocket square is more than just an accessory; it’s a statement. The fabric you select can dictate the kind of fold suitable for the material. For instance, linen pocket squares tend to hold structured folds better, making them ideal for straight or pointed styles. On the other hand, silk pocket squares introduce a luxurious sheen, best suited for softer folds that display its natural drape.

Viewing the pocket square as a unique element is essential when considering colour coordination. While matching it with your tie perfectly can be tempting, a complementary contrast often leads to a more compelling look. Whether you’re looking to experiment with a bold colour or prefer to stick to muted classics, ensure that your suit with a pocket square showcases your personal style.

Tips and tricks for folding a pocket square

When setting out to master how to fold a suit pocket square, it’s important to maintain patience and practise regularly. A clean, flat surface is the perfect stage for practising your folding skills. Using a mirror by your side can offer a real-time check on your symmetry. This will help ensure the pocket square fold lines up with your suit’s cut. 

A pro tip to consider is ironing or slightly starching your pocket square. These simple steps can make a considerable difference, helping you to achieve crisp, sharp folds. Given the pocket square’s noticeable position on your suit, tiny imperfections can stand out, so attention to detail is key.

Pocket square etiquette

Understanding pocket square etiquette is pivotal in showcasing not only your style but also your knowledge of classic menswear traditions. Your pocket square should harmonise with your tie, introducing an element of colour coordination without mirroring it completely.

Classic folds in understated hues are preferable for black-tie affairs or strictly formal gatherings. Conversely, when attending more relaxed events, you have the freedom to explore vibrant patterns and intricate folds. 

However, always ensure your pocket square complements — and not competes with — your suit. Pocket squares should never overpower your ensemble. They should accentuate your attire, providing the finishing touch that ties everything together.

pocket 4

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