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If you’ve invested in a proper suit, you should understand how to button your suit jacket so it looks just as sharp on you as it does on the rack. Many gents don’t realise that there are a few different ways to button a suit jacket.

Unfortunately, however, not all of them will put your new suit to its best advantage! Keep reading to master the right way to wear your suit jacket and look impeccable in the process.

Why should I care about how to button a suit jacket?

So, why does knowing how to button a suit jacket properly even matter? It seems bizarre that the fashion gods should dictate how we dress, down to the last button. But it does, and you’ll definitely be thanking us for the advice later.

Firstly, knowing how to button your suit jacket shows the world that you have an intimate knowledge of just how to dress properly in a suit. It means you’re far less likely to feel uncomfortably buttoned-up, and you won’t commit the embarrassing fashion faux pas of popping a suit button; never a good look!

Lastly, you’ll be far more comfortable with the right buttons done up correctly. Suits are specifically tailored to be worn a certain way, and that includes button wear. They’re created with the assumption that you know which buttons to do up, and which to leave. So, if you have the bottom button on a 2-button suit jacket securely fastened, chances are you’ll be uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you know how to button a suit jacket, you’ll be comfortable and you’ll look impeccable. These age-old fashion rules are in place for a reason!

how to button a suit jacket

One-button suit

This is by far the simplest. Just button up the one-button suit while standing. This will give the suit jacket a balanced look.

Leave it open while sitting, however. If your suit jacket fits snug, as it should, having it buttoned-up while sitting could strain the fabric.two-button suit

Two-button suit

For a single-breasted two-button suit, again, the rules are simple.

Close the first button when standing, and leave the bottom button undone. Always.

This will allow you much more freedom to move around and will make your suit look fitted and snug.

Never button the bottom button! This will make your suit look too tight, and the suit will flare out slightly at the bottom in an unsightly way, especially as you bend and move around.

Three-button suit

Not sure how to button a suit jacket that has three buttons? With a single-breasted, three-button suit, simply close the middle button, always. The top button is optional and can be buttoned up or left undone.

The bottom button, again, should never be buttoned, as it will put a strain on the fabric of the suit jacket and will not look flattering. Simply undo all your buttons when sitting for maximum comfort.

Double-breasted jacket

double-breasted suit jacket

But how do you button a suit jacket that is double-breasted? A double-breasted suit jacket should always be done up, with very few exceptions. The rule here is to button all the working buttons on your jacket. If you do need to leave some undone, you should leave the bottom buttons undone.

Keep in mind that sports jackets and blazers can have a different fit and, in general, the rules around these garments are often more relaxed. Some sports jackets may be made to look better undone, whereas others can be buttoned comfortably standing or sitting.

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