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Style & Consultation

Whether you are having a classic formal wedding, a laid back & casual wedding or a traditional attire wedding, we have created most things you can imagine.

The Experience

We would love being an integral part of your memorable day. Whether it’s for an individual or a group fitting for all the groomsmen, we tailor the experience… not just the suit.

Fit & Measure

Enjoy a laid-back fitting, where you’ll choose from an endless collection of premium quality fabrics and unique designs, complete with extensive measurements to ensure a perfectly fitted bespoke wedding suit for your special day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a groom wear for a beach wedding?

A casual suit is a popular choice for grooms preparing to get married in a beach ceremony. However, at Woolcott St. we believe that ‘casual’ doesn’t have to mean scrimping on quality and style when it comes to your wedding day outfit. We offer a bespoke suit service where our expert tailors will design your perfect suit from scratch. We suggest opting for high-quality lighter fabrics like linen, khaki, cotton and other breathable material blends. 

Is it OK to wear a short sleeve shirt to a beach wedding?

With plenty of modern weddings you’ll notice a growing trend where the rulebook for what you can and can’t wear has gone out the window. A beach wedding is commonly considered a casual affair and therefore a groom can go in a number of different directions when it comes to style choices. At Woolcott St. not only do we create bespoke suits but we can tailor short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, vests, blazers and casual trousers which are all suitable options for a beach wedding. 

Is linen the best material for a beach wedding suit?

A linen suit is an extremely popular option for grooms planning a beach wedding. Our expert tailors suggest choosing a linen suit as it is an extremely lightweight, breathable fabric that will keep you feeling cool and looking crisp while getting married. Alternatively if you’re looking for some other choices you’ll be able to select from our collection of over 700 luxury fabrics that have been sourced from some of the biggest fashion cloth houses in the world. When working with our tailors during your consultation you’ll be able to explore the variety of fabrics on offer and choose the right fit for your big day.

What colour should I wear to a beach wedding?

For both comfort and to fit with the coastal aesthetic, typically grooms will wear casual suits in lighter colours like blue, grey and neutrals for their beach wedding. However, at Woolcott St. we are on-hand to help bring your style ideas to life by working with you to create the perfect custom suit if you have a specific colour in mind.

What shoes do men wear for beach weddings?

When it comes to beach weddings often the groom and guests will decide to wear casual shoes like crisp white sneakers or, go completely shoeless all together! If you’re a bit stumped on how to accessorise your beach wedding look, our Woolcott St. team are experts in providing style advice to help you add the finishing touches. During the consultation meetings you’ll be able to select from a range of shoes, luxury ties, pocket squares and more.

What is a beach formal dress code for a wedding?

If you’re looking to bring a bit more formality to the casual setting of a coastal wedding you might want to incorporate a beach formal dress code. At Woolcott St. we suggest opting for a summer suit in a darker blue, grey or green and pair with a long sleeve shirt, shoes, a formal tie and a pocket square. 

Where can I get a bespoke beach wedding suit made?

For grooms-to-be it can be slightly overwhelming trying to navigate finding the perfect beach wedding suit for your big day. At Woolcott St. we pride ourselves on offering a premium stress-free bespoke tailoring service at an incredibly affordable price. Our suit packages start at $899 and we are more than happy to work with you to provide options to fit your budget. From the initial consultations, through to fittings, style guidance and finally the delivery of your garments, our expert tailors are on-hand to make sure you receive exceptional customer service. 


To get started you can visit us at our flagship Sydney store or head online to book a virtual consultation. For your convenience we also offer a home-service where we will come to your office or home to begin the consultation process. If you have any questions about our custom service please don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone from the Woolcott St. team today.