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Our Service

Picture having the bespoke custom experience and not having to leave your home or office. We’ll meet you at your convenience for all consultations and fittings. Of course, you’re welcome to visit our office if that’s your style.

Our Cloth

We use the most prestigious English and Italian cloth in the world. We provide a vast array of different micron counts, colours and patterns to suit every gentleman’s unique style preference and price.

Our Story

Woolcott St simplifies the traditional tailoring experience. We focus on our clients’ needs and lifestyle whilst maintaining an authentic bespoke experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bespoke suits?

At Woolcott St, we know how much difference a perfect fit can make when it comes to suits. To ensure that all clients receive quality garments that will take pride of place in their wardrobes for years to come, our expert tailors follow a bespoke process when creating suits. Our hands-on service begins with an initial consultation where clients can choose their desired cut and lining and choose from over 1,000 quality fabrics. From there, our experienced bespoke tailors in Sydney will take your measurements and begin creating the garment using one-of-a-kind patterns made to fit your silhouette perfectly.

Why purchase custom bespoke suits?

Unlike made-to-measure suit services which use block patterns to create your garment, at Woolcott St, our expert tailors will design a suit from scratch to ensure you receive quality pieces that are precision-made to fit. We understand that bespoke mens suits are a highly coveted wardrobe addition, so if you’re looking for the best bespoke suit range in Sydney, then look no further than Woolcott St.

Our no-obligation consultation process has been created to facilitate any questions prospective clients may have. Our experienced tailors will discuss wardrobe options, issues with previous tailors, fabric choices and suggestions on what styles will best suit the client. If you’re looking for a premium service and a perfect fit, then a custom bespoke suit is a great option for you.

Can I get a virtual consultation?

We understand that time is a precious commodity so in order to streamline the bespoke tailoring process, we offer online consultations to kick start the proceedings from the comfort of your home. By answering a series of questions online, this will give our tailors important information before you meet in person to undergo further consultation, discuss options and have your measurements taken. 

If you live outside the Sydney city centre and ever thought ‘there isn’t a bespoke tailor near me’, we also offer a convenient service where we will come to your home or office for further consultations. If you’re interested in visiting our store, we are more than happy to welcome you at our Woolcott St at our bespoke tailor shop. From there we’ll guide you along the way through our considered process that involves scheduling a consultation, selecting a style, taking measurements, constructing your bespoke menswear and fitting the garment to ensure a perfect fit before you take your brand new custom bespoke suit home.

How much do bespoke suits cost?

Many gravitate away from considering a custom bespoke suit due to the perceptions of costly price tags and additional service fees. At Woolcott St, we are dedicated to making sure our clients receive a bespoke tailored suit without compromising on exceptional service and quality of garment. 


Our bespoke custom suits start at $999 which includes specialist consultations and a garment made from scratch. We are here to help provide you with the best options, so during your consultation, let us know what your budget is and we can help design and curate a bespoke suit accordingly. Whether you’re looking for a business suit, a wedding suit or a casual suit, our tailors can help guide you during the decision making process to ensure you receive the best quality garment within your budget.

No custom suit is complete without all the trimmings, our professional team is also on hand to provide you with additional accessories like shoes, ties, pocket squares and cufflinks to match your style.

As part of our premium offering we will also provide after-product service should your custom bespoke suit need repairs or if it needs to be resized.

How can you tell a bespoke suit?

Due to our extensive fitting and measurement consultations, this allows our experienced tailors to create a bespoke suit that is the perfect fit for clients. Other tailoring providers will take patterns from a previous block and make alterations which can sometimes result in an ill-fitting garment in particular places. In short, they aren’t designed exactly for you. At Woolcott St, we are committed to designing bespoke tailoring made from scratch, because we know that no two bodies are alike, which means you can’t cut corners on a quality one-of-a-kind suit.

What occasions are our suits for?

Our bespoke custom suits are made to impress, with our clients requesting garments for a number of different occasions. Our expert tailors will work hard to help design suits with your style in mind, whether it be for business purposes, weddings, events or simply to update your wardrobe with smart casual outfits.

Best bespoke suits near me?

If you’re based in Sydney, you’ll find the Woolcott St flagship store at Suite 1016, Level 10, 185 Elizabeth St. You are welcome to drop by and visit our bespoke tailor shop where we would be happy to accommodate all of your bespoke menswear queries.

How to book in for a bespoke suit fitting?

If you’re interested in creating a bespoke custom suit with one of our expert tailors, our team at Woolcott St are here to help out. You can begin the process by jumping online for a virtual consultation for a wardrobe assessment. From there, you can book in for a fitting to take measurements, discuss budget and design ideas. If you’re unable to join us in-store, we would be happy to make arrangements to come to your home or office to continue the consultation process. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0421 180 601.