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Whether it’s your first corporate role or you’re quickly climbing the ladder, it’s important to make the effort to uphold yourself to the highest standards and maintain visibility within your network. A trendy men’s suit can make all the difference in setting you up for success while instilling a well-earned sense of confidence.

To help you navigate the world of trendy business suits, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect fit. Keep reading to discover trending suit styles that reflect your aesthetic and nail the tone of your workplace. 

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Office suiting rules to live by 

While workplaces can fall either on the conservative or progressive side of dressing, wearing any suit just won’t do if you’re trying to establish your personal style. Whether you’re ploughing through paperwork from the office or meeting with stakeholders, there are a few style rules you need to follow. These will ensure you’re appropriately outfitted for any occasion. 

The main guidelines you should keep in mind include:

  • The style of the suit — Trendy suits don’t mean you can wear whatever you have in your wardrobe, nor can you borrow the ensembles that have seen you through weddings and other special occasions. Formal dress suits, including smoking jackets, tuxedos and morning suits with bold details, can make you stand out — and not for the right reasons.
  • The dress code of your office — Dressing to your aesthetic is key if you want to highlight your individuality. But at the same time, your personal aesthetic shouldn’t veer too far from your office’s dress code. Have fun incorporating small details to elevate your ensembles but ensure you’re outfitted to the same standard as your colleagues.
  • The fit of your suit — Trendy suit designs for the office dictate considered fits — and working our expert team of tailors is the ultimate way to find cut that highlights your best features, suits your body shape and flatters your stature without boxing you in. Our experts will be for you every step of the way, helping you discover what suit best suits your style. 
  • Colours and finishes — While classic monochromes like charcoal, jet black and even taupe-brown are safe options for the workplace, experimenting with trendy men’s suits gives you the freedom to introduce colour to your work wardrobe. Try playing with shades of light blue, dark navy and grey, or opt for small patterns and fabrications featuring a tight weave to keep your on-duty looks on point.
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The types of trendy business suits you need in your wardrobe

1. The classic single-breasted suit

A timeless choice for office wear, single-breasted trendy men’s suits offer a versatile design that effortlessly complements most body types. Its minimalist detailing lends itself to various colour finishes and flat-front trousers to carry through its open-facing design.

Select a blazer with double vents at the back hem that enable you to move more easily without pulling at your blazer’s stitching and damaging your garment. Opt for styles with a single line of two buttons that maintain a modern edge — if you close it, only fasten the top button.

2. Suave and cool slim-fit suits

If your office falls on the more relaxed side of professional dressing, slim-fit trendy suits are perfect for creating a more modern, streamlined aesthetic. Gaining more popularity among fashion-forward executives, it features a narrow cut that creates a sleek silhouette.  

While it’s best suited to people with leaner body types, we recommend that you opt for a style that has been custom-made to ensure it falls closer to your body without skimming your skin. A bespoke suit will give you greater control over its design to ensure patterns line up at the seam, pant legs are finished with a contemporary half break and you can stick to notch lapels that are more typical of business suits.

3. Chambray summer suits

For the gentleman who likes to be a little different a chambray suit is the ultimate trendy suit design, especially when the temperature starts to rise. With a soft fabrication that can be cut to whatever design, its temperature-regulating properties will help you stay cool and dry when the heat starts to set in – or the pressure in the boardroom starts to build!

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Suit up in style with a trendy men’s suit from Woolcott St

For trendy suits that nail the sartorial brief in the office, there is no better place to start than Woolcott St. Our tailors will visit you at home or the office to create a custom suit designed to your needs and preferences. Schedule a consultation today and our master tailors will discuss every small detail, from lapel styles to fabric selection, to take your aesthetic to the next level.