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How To Pull Off Business Casual For Men

You’ve got your suit style nailed; well done. But what do you wear on casual Fridays, or when you receive a conference invitation with the ambiguous dress code which reads; “business casual”? What exactly is business casual for men, and how do you pull it off without looking like a strange cross between Mark Zuckerberg …

Here’s What A Black Tie Dress Code For Men Looks Like

Two little words stand out on your invitation: Black Tie. But what does a black tie dress code for men actually mean, apart from saying; “this is a fancy party”? Black tie events require a mastery of fashion. This close attention to subtle details and strict fashion etiquette can be daunting, even for the suavest …

The Difference Between A Tailor-Made Suit And An Off-The-Rack Suit

Ever bought an expensive off-the-rack suit and tie, only to find that it’s just a little too tight on your calf, or bunches up slightly at the back of the neck? Maybe when you first tried it on, it fitted relatively well. The fabric and style looked great. But after a while, you realise that …