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Just as an art connoisseur would ensure the upkeep of a treasured painting, the sophisticated man understands how to take care of a suit, down to the smallest details. Every discerning gentleman recognises that owning a finely crafted suit is a significant investment for every wardrobe. 

A bespoke suit is a statement that captures the essence of your style and personal expression. And the true value of this investment should outlast the initial purpose of its purchase as it’s expected to stand the test of time with proper preservation. In this guide, we will shed light on the art of keeping your sartorial masterpiece in impeccable condition, ensuring its timeless appeal and longevity.

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The essentials of caring for suits

  • Storage matters  

Always hang your suit on a broad, wooden hanger that maintains the suit’s shape. The hanger should have a curve that mimics your shoulder’s natural arch, ensuring the suit remains free of creases and retains its form. A suit cover is also beneficial to protect it from dust and potential spills.

  • Breathing space

After wearing it, give your suit a day off. Fabrics need to breathe. Caring for a suit means letting them rest. This will help in the natural recovery of the fibres and lengthen the life of the suit.

  • Spot cleaning 

In case of minor spills, immediately dab the spot with a clean cloth to prevent stains. Refrain from rubbing the spot, as this can push the spill further into the fabric.

  • Professional cleaning 

Contrary to popular belief, frequent dry cleaning can shorten your suit’s lifespan. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can wear down the fabric fibres. Instead, dry clean only when necessary, such as after noticeable stains or prolonged exposure to strong odours.

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Tips for prolonged suit life

1. Rotate your suits

We all have that one suit that feels just right, the one we instinctively reach for when dressing for an important meeting or a night out. And while it’s perfectly fine to have a favourite, wearing the same suit repeatedly can hasten its wear. 

By alternating between your suits, you allow the fabric to rest and recover from the stresses of wear. This rotation not only ensures that your suits wear down evenly but also adds longevity to their lifespan. 

2. Brush after wearing

From lint and dust to pollen and other minuscule particles, these elements can find a home in your suit’s fabric. Over time, they can weaken the fabric and even lead to visible damage. 

A suit brush, used gently but regularly, can be a suit’s best friend. It helps in removing these particles, keeping the fabric clean and extending the life of your suit. It’s a small act of caring for your suit that can make a big difference in maintaining the fresh appearance of your attire.

3. Protect your suit during transit

When you’re on the move, it’s easy for your suit to become wrinkled or creased, especially if it’s packed in a suitcase with other items. A quality garment bag is an essential accessory for the travelling gentleman. It provides your suit with the protection it needs during transit. And once you arrive at your destination? Unpack your suit and hang it up as soon as you can. 

If you notice any creases or wrinkles from the journey, a gentle steam can work wonders, restoring your suit to its crisp, freshly-pressed appearance while minimising the exposure to an iron’s heat.

Addressing the elements

  • Rain and wet weather

Water can cause spots or, worse, shrinkage. If your suit gets wet, let it air dry away from direct heat. Avoid the temptation to use a blow dryer or radiator, as intense heat can damage the fabric.

  • Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colour of your suit. Store it in a cool, dark place to maintain the richness of the fabric’s hue.

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A testament to your commitment to elegance

Knowing how to take care of a suit is a good way to showcase your genuine appreciation for elegance and sophistication. When you meticulously care for your suit, it becomes an echo of your personal dedication to quality, craftsmanship and the finer nuances of style. 

This commitment goes beyond fabric and threads; it’s evident in the suit’s fit, its drape and its enduring appeal. By diligently adopting these care practices, you not only protect a significant sartorial investment but also ensure that each time you wear your suit, its charisma remains undiminished.

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